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Udon Comfort Soup

In noodles, udon on July 24, 2009 at 5:27 am

I realize that this is a simple dinner if, like me and other pretentious bohemian hipsters, you live in a city that has easy access to Trader Joe’s and Asian markets. Still, most chain grocery stores have an asian food aisle, where the ingredients for this incredibly simple meal can be sourced.


1. bag of Udon noodles.

2. Udon soup concentrate. It’s pretty much a sweet-ish soy sauce. I sometimes just use chicken broth(no, the flavour is not similar, but I like chicken broth).

3. Bok choy.

4. Canned corn.

5. Chicken dumplings.

In my case, the chicken dumplings are from Trader Joe’s($3.00 for 20+), as is the corn(.99 cents a can). The bok choy is from Ralphs, and the udon and udon soup is from an Asian market.


1. Boil soup.

2. Separately, boil the dumplings, udon, and bok choy (how separately is up to you. In this case, I boiled each separately, but using the same pot, and just put them aside). The udon is precooked, so it mainly just needs to be heated up.

3. Microwave the corn. I like adding a little butter, but if you don’t like butter getting into your soup, i wouldn’t suggest it.

4. Pour it all into a bowl and make it look nice.

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