doin' it wrong and having it taste good anyway.

Not Very Good Buttermilk Apple Tart

In dessert on August 14, 2009 at 10:47 pm


I’m not sure if it’s obvious yet, but I’m not really a particularly fastidious – or good – cook. However, if you’re throwing pretty good ingredients in together, and you have a general idea of what fire does,  it’s pretty likely that it’ll end up tasting pretty good. (Don’t get me wrong – cooking the Food Network way definitely takes skill. But getting something easy and delicious on your dinner table is still not that hard.)

This is not always true.

Sometimes – my experiments fail, and the word “sometimes” is sometimes an understatement. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to document my less successful recipes – so I remember them.

This one is a buttermilk-apple-tart thing. It’s actually not bad quite so much as it’s just…eh.

I had apples. I asked Jason to bring home some pie crust, or flaky flat dough, but I ended up with buttermilk biscuits. Not to worry, I’m the sort to make do with what I have.

I used thin slices of the biscuit dough, and spread it out in a little ramekin. Then I filled it with chunks of apples(Fuji, in this case). I didn’t actually know what went in apple pie filling(and my hands were too sticky to Google), so I just put some cinnamon sugar and sugar in, and stretched more buttermilk biscuit dough on top.

I realized that I had forgotten to put any butter in it, so I went ahead and put a chunk(1tbsp) of butter on top of the entire tart…thing.

I baked it for about 30 minutes, until the biscuit crust was pretty browned.


So, the verdict?

Well, I wasn’t entirely wrong. Good fresh apples still taste pretty good when baked. There wasn’t a lot of juicy “filling” – but the apples really were good.

The buttermilk biscuits never really cooked on the bottom, and they were soggy. The top crust was too thick, and ended up tasting pretty dry and non-flaky(probably because I manhandled them too much). Still, the taste combination of buttermilk biscuits and apples weren’t too bad at all – but next time I’m craving that combination, I’ll bake my apples and biscuits separately and then stuff the apples in the biscuits.

What I’ll do next time – it turns out that apple pie filling recipes are not complicated, at least according to Betty Crocker, so I’ll probably give that shot. I’m not a baker, and don’t have much interest in actually baking, so I’ll buy a premade pie crust instead of sending Jason to the store for “something dough like”.

Either way, Jason did like the apples, and my friend Erik politely told me that it was “okay”, so it wasn’t a complete disaster.


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