doin' it wrong and having it taste good anyway.


I am a busy corporate monkey who also has a ton of side projects that I can barely keep track of. That said, I love food, and I especially love food that fits into my schedule and competency level in the kitchen – which is to say, “I can chop an onion okay, but that’s it, and this food had better take no more than 15 minutes to prepare.”

I’m Chinese/Malaysian, with a love of most Asian cuisine. I live with a cute nerdy boy who’s all about All-American Comfort foods. We have a schizophrenic kitchen.

This blog is intended to document my shortcuts to simple, but good, food in the kitchen. Sometimes, I might also talk about how much I love Iron Chef.


(My Keebler Elf halloween costume. It was better than the pictures of me stuffing my face.)

  1. ❤ !!!

  2. Hehehe Shing, The more I see of this kind of thing, the more I dig your vibe. Awesome. Can’t wait to Burn with you and J.


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