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Rice Porridge

In chicken, rice on August 13, 2009 at 6:53 pm


My favourite sick person food is porridge. That’s not really giving it enough credit because it’s also a breakfast food(or lunch…or dinner), a 5 minute prep food, a “I’m really broke this week” food and a “what do I do with the rest of this rotisserie chicken” food.

The nature of my gastronomical upbringing has for the most part, been very rice-centric. When I lived in Malaysia, we ate a lot of rice congee. Simple, slightly chicken flavoured. I remember always picking the green onion bits out. That was probably the Chinese version(one of many Chinese variants). We also ate plenty of the Malay variant, called bubur ayam (Malay vocabulary lesson for the day. “bubur” is porridge. “ayam” is chicken. Woo.)

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